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Can Technology Help You Meditate Better?

Technology feels like it’s heading into warp speed these days. In the past week alone, advanced AI art tools and chat programs took the internet by storm. Everyone seems to own a wearable: a watch, a ring, or some other device that tracks steps,

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12 Ways To Elevate Your Mind

Do you consider your mind a friend or an enemy? Does it sometimes switch from believing in you one moment and then beating you up the next? Or, does it stay with you like a faithful ally through thick and

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Going Home

Last week I booked a flight back to Phoenix for the first time in three years. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back. It felt like I had my wings clipped. I struggled with a lot

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Remember Who You Are

What’s your earliest memory? Mine was from kindergarten playing on the playground. I distinctly remember falling on the ground and skinning my knee. It hurt. I think that’s why I remember it. What’s yours? Was it a pleasant experience? A

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The Supreme Value of Attention

Do you know what the most valuable thing in life is?  It’s not money or time. It’s attention. Wherever your attention goes–time and money flows. All the social media and advertising companies know this, which is why they constantly battle

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The Wisdom of Trauma

Lots of exciting updates this month. No time to waste! Let’s dive into what I have for you: 🧘‍♂️ The Meditation For Movers workshop I hosted earlier this month was an amazing experience. I created an overview of the workshop to share for those

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