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How Mentorship Can Change Your Life

The story of how I met my mentor Rajivji goes back to my misspent youth. At 21 I was living at home, heartbroken after my first longterm relationship ended, and working at Starbucks as a barista. I had just finished

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The Supreme Superpower

When I was a kid I was fascinated by superheroes. Like many young kids, I used to imagine myself flying around through Earth’s atmosphere, or using super strength to lift rubble off people trapped underneath fallen buildings. I collected hundreds

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Can Technology Help You Meditate Better?

Technology feels like it’s heading into warp speed these days. In the past week alone, advanced AI art tools and chat programs took the internet by storm. Everyone seems to own a wearable: a watch, a ring, or some other device that tracks steps,

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12 Ways To Elevate Your Mind

Do you consider your mind a friend or an enemy? Does it sometimes switch from believing in you one moment and then beating you up the next? Or, does it stay with you like a faithful ally through thick and

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