Discover the Light of Your True Potential in the Darkness of the Unknown

March 18, 2022

Sometimes you have to be lost. 

The environment around you may be full of uncertainty. You don’t know what’s around the corner.

But you keep going. You don’t stop.

Because if you stop, then you’ll stay lost. So you keep going.

As you keep going there start to appear easy outs.

Easy answers.

They appear as flashing neon lights that try to pull you from your authentic path. From your authentic journey.

They are like the flashing lights of Las Vegas begging you to come inside and stay forever.

Don’t fall for the easy answers. Be OK with being lost.

The easy answers are the ones that promise something for nothing. It’s the same in every area of life. There is a promise of something great in exchange for something little.

Those are the places where you won’t just be lost, you’ll be trapped.

When you get trapped, you think you’re found, but really you’re more lost than ever. 

So, don’t fall for the traps.

The traps are the same everywhere in life. Something for nothing. We get so desperate sometimes, that the flashing lights of something for nothing lure us in.

Don’t fall for it.

Keep going.

Don’t get trapped.

Be OK with being lost.

When you’re lost, you’re actually learning something very important. 

You are getting to know a deep part of yourself. You are exploring the unknown. Over time you get stronger, you mature.

When you reach a certain stage of maturity you’re never lost anymore.

You’re an explorer – you’re a hero on a journey into the depths of the unknown to find your destiny. To find your glory.

The unknown is where you become greater. Be OK with being lost. You will eventually be found.

What will you find?

The greatest treasure of all. Your true potential.

The more you push yourself and keep going into the unknown, the greater you will grow into your potential. And then an amazing thing will dawn on you.

You’ll realize your potential is as vast as the unknown you’re exploring. Although the unknown is vast, your potential is just as vast too.

And don’t worry.

A hero always gets help on their journey. If you’re brave enough to head into the unknown–you will receive help.

Do not doubt this.

You will get support, friends and mentors to aid you on your quest.

You will acquire the things you need to grow.

You will get the opportunities you need to mature.

They are not always easy. By definition they must challenge you. But you will get the help you need. You will rise to the occasion.

Have discernment. The most important thing is to not get trapped by easy answers.

Remember that whatever comes easy in life goes just as easily too. When you follow the easy route, you never see what you’re capable of being and doing.

Easy answers are like the sirens in the Odyssey that tried to trap Odysseus and his crew.

You are Odysseus. Life is full of sirens. Don’t get trapped by them. Continue on your authentic path. You will find what you are looking for.

And even if you don’t, you’ll get to that stage of maturity where you’ll no longer be a wanderer on an uncertain path.

You are a hero on a journey into greatness.

In the unknown lies your growth. It’s where you go beyond. Where you push the limits of what you think, feel and do.

The easy answers, the easy path, is never the authentic one. Don’t settle for the dim lights of easy answers.

In the darkness and fear of the unknown is the brightest light of all. Where the light of your strength, greatness and wisdom shines–where your true potential awaits. 


Hi, I’m Ryan…

I’m a spiritual mentor and meditation teacher sharing the transformative power of authentic yogic teachings for modern minds. I help inspire people to realize their divine nature, and actualize their human potential.

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