Rajivji and Ryan

There comes a point on every person’s journey where guidance becomes necessary.

I am here to help those who are ready to commit to their spiritual path and strive for perfection.

I’ve lived and breathed the spiritual path for most of my life.

I’m here to offer you my experience and knowledge–my support and compassion– and to show you how to attain your spiritual birthright of freedom, success, bliss, and love.

The most valuable thing you’ll receive from mentoring with me is a sadhana based on authentic and transformative yogic knowledge and practices.

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means an ego-transcending spiritual practice.

A sadhana empowers you to attain your spiritual birthright and overcome the suffering of ignorance, separation and limitation.

Everything I share comes from the spiritual lineages I’ve been blessed to learn from, and my own experience striving on the path. Presented in a modern and accessible way.

I leverage everything I know to help you on your path.

I’ve developed an entire system to educate about the four paths of yoga and to attain higher states of consciousness.

I’ve created my own unique learning platform for clients I work with.

Mentoring is not for everyone. I provide you the path, but you must walk it. I support you on your journey, but I cannot carry you.

I’ve read hundreds of spiritual texts and scriptures, practiced meditation and other spiritual practices for thousands of hours, traveled the world for a decade, and studied with teachers from prominent spiritual lineages in Kriya Yoga and Advaita Vedanta.

I’ve made so many mistakes. Now, I’m here to share with you the wisdom I’ve learned so you don’t have to make the same ones I did. 

I’ve overcome Bipolar disorder, addiction and mental illness, and endured profound pain and sadness.

I’ve been blessed to discover the Heart of being, the I Am, and discovered the ever-new joy that lies deep within all of us.

If you’re not satisfied with conceptual knowledge, if you want direct experience of your divine nature beyond the body and mind, if you’re ready to do the work necessary to attain worldly and spiritual success, then you’re ready for mentoring.

If you’re not ready, that’s OK. I provide a lot of information and resources that can still help you on your journey. 

Mentoring is for those people who are ready to commit to their spiritual path, and to begin a sadhana.

If that’s you–if you’re ready to do the work and to transform–then schedule a free 40-minute discovery call below.

Let’s begin this most profound and beautiful journey together.

Be well always 🙏

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A unique learning experience

What's Included with Mentoring

What Clients Are Saying...


The goal of mentoring is to help you reconnect to the divine consciousness within your Heart. Mentoring provides you with the support, knowledge, and guidance necessary to travel on your spiritual journey with clarity and confidence. By working together I will give you the tools and support you need to experience personal growth and spiritual transformation in your life. Every being – including you – is entitled to your spiritual birthright of freedom, love, success, bliss and peace.  I will share with you how the ancient, time-tested paths of yoga offer a pathway for you to discover these gifts, and to improve your life in deeply meaningful ways.

Mentoring is entering into a spiritual partnership. There is a serious commitment and work involved. My time is limited – with my focus on my own practice, and creating content that educates on yoga and nonduality – so, I only take on a small load of dedicated clients. I provide you with the best knowledge, practices, support, and experience to guide you on your spiritual path and in life. However, you must be willing to put in the time and effort to your daily practice in order to get the benefits.  I cannot do the work for you. No one can. But I offer the support, encouragement and guidance that are necessary if you want to safely and quickly move through your spiritual path. I am here as a friend, guide, and support for you in all aspects of your life: personal, professional, health, relationships, family, and, of course, spiritual.

Mentoring is a commitment to your spiritual path and personal development. I provide you with a sadhana, a personalized spiritual practice, that guides you on your spiritual path, and empowers you to achieve success in your life. I also provide resources and materials to further your spiritual knowledge and to help you stay accountable to your sadhana through your Spiritual Space.  I meet mentees weekly, or biweekly depending on their needs and desires. During these sessions, I discuss your practice with you, share knowledge on yoga and nonduality, and support you through the obstacles that inevitably arise in your daily life.

Please inquire about the cost of mentoring. Mentoring is done on a month-by-month recurring basis. I do not offer single sessions. Packages include:

  • 1 month (4 sessions)
  • 3 month (12 sessions)
  • 6 month (36 sessions)

This depends on the goals, needs and desires of the person. I expect at least 15-20 minutes of sitting meditation in the morning and evening. This is the bare minimum. Mentees naturally find themselves sitting longer and dedicating more time to practice the deeper they go into their sadhana. Once you begin to feel the joy from your practice, this question rarely arises. 

No, you do not need to change your lifestyle. However, people who work with me often do, since the habits and tendencies that once dragged them down become too obvious to ignore once they begin their practice. Change is never forced on you. It happens naturally and at your own pace. The only thing I ask is to follow the sadhana you’re given, and to sit for meditation regularly. 

Sessions can be cancelled with up to 24 hour notice, and rescheduled for another time. Unless there is an emergency, sessions cancelled without 24 hour notice will be deducted from your monthly total.

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