12 Ways To Elevate Your Mind

Do you consider your mind a friend or an enemy? Does it sometimes switch from believing in you one moment and then beating you up the next? Or, does it stay with you like a faithful ally through thick and thin? We all know how it feels when our minds

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Going Home

Last week I booked a flight back to Phoenix for the first time in three years. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back. It felt like I had my wings clipped. I struggled with a lot of big changes over the last three years, which made

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The Wisdom of Trauma

Lots of exciting updates this month. No time to waste! Let’s dive into what I have for you: 🧘‍♂️ The Meditation For Movers workshop I hosted earlier this month was an amazing experience. I created an overview of the workshop to share for those who are interested in what I shared, but couldn’t attend.

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4 Ways to Master Your Fear

I hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy. Like many around the world right now, I am recovering from COVID. I was fortunate to have mild symptoms, and am left with only a little chest tightness and a stuffy nose. I had a great holiday prior to getting sick. My

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5 Ways to Live and Love Your Imperfect Life

From a young age you were likely told “life isn’t fair”. Innocent people suffer, the rich and powerful prey on the weak, divorces tear apart families, and war, poverty and hatred inflict their terrible consequences everywhere. News media reminds us daily how imperfect (and even terrible) the world is. It’s

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Your Call to Adventure

It’s been a wild ride over the last few weeks since I officially launched The Supreme Yoga. The response has been amazing, and I’m extremely grateful for all the feedback I’ve received. In the last few weeks, I’ve connected with new and old friends, spent a lot of time working on

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