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August 27, 2021

CORRECTED Meme Joseph Campbell Privelege

It’s been a wild ride over the last few weeks since I officially launched The Supreme Yoga. The response has been amazing, and I’m extremely grateful for all the feedback I’ve received.

In the last few weeks, I’ve connected with new and old friends, spent a lot of time working on a quiz I’m excited to share soon, and went under lockdown again here in Canberra.

Starting a project like this is a monster, but I’m enjoying the process and learning a lot.

I want to take a quick second to thank you for supporting the launch of The Supreme Yoga, and signing up to the Master Your Journey newsletter.

When you joined, you took a small step forward on your spiritual path, and that’s important to acknowledge – no matter how big or small that step may seem.

The Call to Adventure

Luke Skywalker Green Lightsaber

In his landmark book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell introduced the idea of the Monomyth. A unifying Hero’s Journey he found throughout the mythologies of the world.

In his book, Campbell concluded that the Hero’s Journey was an inward one, where we travel from a world of separation, and through a process of transformation realize unity.

Campbell mapped out the Hero’s Journey into different stages. He labeled the most important initial stage of the journey as The Call to Adventure.

The Call to Adventure is the essential choice every hero makes to begin the inward journey. Sometimes it’s a challenge, sometimes it’s suffering, sometimes it’s seeking truth.

Regardless of the reason, the hero leaves his old life of separation behind, and chooses to take up the call of a daring adventure for a priceless goal.

You Are the Goal

There is no more meaningful path in life than the one that brings you closer to yourself.

This journey into yourself is the spiritual path.

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Not the self based on what you’ve been conditioned to believe you are based on your gender, ethnicity, or class. This is the self that exists in the world of separation that you must transcend.

The inward journey is to your true Self. Self with a capital S. The Self that is the unifying principle within all creation.

This Self is the Heart of all living things. Pure consciousness. Pure love. It’s life itself. Hence, it’s called the Self, since it’s the innermost essence within all beings.

All religious and spiritual traditions worship and honor this universal, divine principle in their own customary way.

You, your true Self, are the supreme goal of unity that awaits you as you adventure within.

Yoga is the Path

The process of yoga is about uniting with your Self – your universal, divine nature. Not holding onto beliefs, but experiencing and living this reality within you.

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Yoga isn’t about gaining anything. It’s about taking away the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing the infinite beauty already within you.

Paradoxically, when you take away the obstacles that hinder your inner, spiritual path this also opens the potential expression of your outer, human self in the world.

You actualize your human potential in the world when you live from a place of truth, and act with total conviction about who and what you are.

The stage of actualization is called The Return in the Hero’s Journey. Where the hero returns to ordinary life transformed, and empowered to offer the precious boon of spiritual awakening to the world.

Danger Ahead

I must warn you now. The spiritual path is not easy. In truth, it’s extremely challenging.

There are many obstacles to face on your inner journey back to the Self. The biggest obstacles are presented by your conditioned behaviors and beliefs.

These reinforce your ego, your separate sense of self, and keep you in repetitive patterns of suffering and ignorance.

There will be hard work, tears, anger, sadness and frustration. But there will also be bliss, freedom, success, and love.

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Ask yourself, is there anything worthwhile in life that comes easily?

Like a hero before an epic journey, you must bravely take up the call of your inward adventure consciously knowing that hard work, adversity, and inner demons await on your path towards success – and forge on anyway.

Know that the challenges are exactly what make the journey so fulfilling. The challenges are the opportunities for growth you need on your path.

It takes dedication, commitment and sacrifice to clear the obstacles, and reach the prize of your true Self. But, ultimately, there is nothing more satisfying or meaningful you can do in life.

Meeting the Mentor

Fortunately, there is help for you on your journey.

In Campbell’s Monomyth, the next stage after the Call to Adventure is Meeting the Mentor. This is when we start to meet guidance in the forms of books, traditions, and people that help us on our inward spiritual journey.


Great sages, saints, and mystics have undertaken this Call to Adventure for thousands of years before us, and have left well worn paths behind to follow.

You can think of me as your guide to help you along these ancient and time-tested paths. They are not without their own pitfalls and dangers. You must tread carefully.

But you are not alone. And the paths you walk are well worn by the feet of great heroes who have come before you.

Ultimately, as you progress down your path, your own inner voice will be your greatest guide.

To walk your spiritual path is a great privilege. Few even recognize their inner call to be who they truly are.

If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve heard your Call to Adventure. Don’t ignore it. Be ready!

I’m excited to join you on this most beautiful journey together.

Where you are on your journey? Are you feeling stuck, or blazing down your path? Hit reply. I’d love to hear from you.

Be well always 🙏

Ryan Altman
Creator + Spiritual Mentor
The Supreme Yoga

P.S. I’m almost done creating a quiz called Discover Your Path. I created it to introduce you to the four paths of yoga, and to help you see which paths are natural to your personality. I’ll send you an email once it’s done!✌️


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